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Comprehensible training material is key to an effective learning environment. Poor quality training material automatically creates a barrier to learning. Blue-Edge has the ability to deliver quality results, in any required quantity, on demand. We have a wide range of products, including consolidated Questions and solutions namely SPOT ONs, collated and bound training manuals, to name only a few.


We at Blue-Edge believe that, in a highly competitive environment, a flier is still a reflection of your company, and that your reputation should not be tarnished due to poor quality fliers. As a mass produced marketing tool fliers are usually produces at high speed, using low resolution and little to no quality checks. Blue-Edge prides itself in providing vibrant colour, high resolution flier printing‚ therebyenhancing your company’s image.


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Because  first impressions last, your business card is a crucial element of your corporate identity. Let yours work for you! We offer an unlimited variety of business cards, including folded cards, laminated cards, tent cards, to name but a few.


What better way to keep your business in the spotlight than with an annual customised calendar. To make the calendar even more striking, Blue-Edge can go as far as personalising visual images, making it even more applicable to your client and guaranteeing its retention.


Whether you want to print a small amount of magazines designed for promotion or whether you are a small publisher, Blue- Edge will give you the highest quality magazine that meets all your expectations.


Make your company’s image come to life with an unforgettable visual effect that perfectly portrays your company – A BANNER! Blue-Edge has perfected this powerful marketing tool, a colourful display which could ensure that a lasting impression is upheld. Our banners are lightweight, retractable and easily transportable. They can be assembled and dismantled without effort and easily and safely stored until needed.


Brochures tell your clients who you are and what you have to offer. Blue-Edge produces brochures of the highest quality that stands out from the crowd. We offer a vast array of paper stocks, folding and Finishing designs, in order to create a professional tailor-made brochure.

Our products